11/12 MA in Victorian Literature, Art and Culture

This Moodle site will be used to store all information relevant to your studies on the MA in Victorian Literature, Art & Culture. If you have a suggestion for materials you would like to see added to this site, please contact Dr Vicky Greenaway.

Foundation Tutorial: English

Group A: Taya Gittins, Imogen Gorst, Rebecca Gusevik, Sana Hanif

Group A will meet in my office, IN221 at 12.00 for group tutorials.


Group B: Maddison Douglas, Georgia Drew, Nicholas Edwards, Madeline Ferris, Amelia Franklin

Group B will meet in my office, IN221, at 2.00 for group tutorials.

 *** I am sorry that Group B failed to attend this tutorial. I have rescheduled it for October 16: 2.00 in my room in the International Building.


Meetings for the rest of this term:


Group A:

October 9: 'Heart of Darkness' *

October 23: Bleak House *

November 13: 'A Tocatta of Galuppi's' by Robert Browning **

November 27: 'Ulysses' by Tennyson **

December 11: tbc

 Group B:

October 16: Heart of Darkness *

October 23: Return of written work from October 16

October 30: Bleak House*

November 13: as above

November 27: as above

 *Your task for these first two tutorials is to write on how these introductory paragraphs work on the reader; what expectations do they create; what ideas do they prompt; and are there any interesting features about the narrative, the narrative method, the writing?

**Your task for these two tutorials is to find a critic on the poem and use the criticism in your written exercise.